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GK Palms Resort Our local sports scene, Where to watch or play soccer, basketball

Sports enthusiasts visiting Watamu can expect to have a fun and active experience in this coastal town. From playing beach volleyball to watching live soccer games, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Soccer, also known as football in most parts of the world, is one of the most popular sports in Watamu. The town has several soccer clubs, including the Watamu United Football Club and Gede United Football Club. These clubs regularly compete in local and national soccer tournaments. The local soccer season runs from June to December, and visitors can catch a game at the Watamu Sports Complex or at one of the local clubs’ home grounds.

Basketball is another sport that has gained popularity in Watamu in recent years. The town has a local basketball team, the Watamu Sharks, who compete in national basketball tournaments. Visitors who enjoy playing basketball can head to the Watamu Sports Complex or the local community center, which has a basketball court available for use.

For those looking for more water-based sports, Watamu offers opportunities for surfing and kiteboarding. The town’s warm waters and consistent waves make it a great location for surfing, with several surf schools in the area offering lessons and equipment rental. Kiteboarding is also popular, with the Watamu Marine Park being a great location to try this exciting sport.

Beach volleyball is a popular pastime in Watamu, with several beaches offering perfect locations for games. Visitors can either bring their own equipment or rent it from local vendors. The beaches of Watamu are also great for beach soccer and frisbee.

GK Palms, although not having its own sports facilities, is in close proximity to the Watamu Sports Complex and other sports facilities in the area. Guests who want to watch live sports can head to the local sports bar and restaurant where they can catch live games on the big screen while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

Overall, visitors to Watamu will find that there is a vibrant sports scene in the town, with plenty of opportunities to both watch and participate in a range of sports. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, surfing, or beach volleyball, there is something for everyone. And with GK Palms located just a few meters from the beach and local sports facilities, guests can easily access all the sports activities the town has to offer.

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