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Watamu is a beautiful coastal town in Kenya, known for its pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and breathtaking natural scenery. It is also home to several nature reserves and protected areas that offer visitors the opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna up close. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the best ways to explore these areas and appreciate the beauty of the local environment.

Gede Ruins National Monument is one of the most popular attractions in Watamu. The ruins are the remains of a Swahili town that was abandoned in the 16th century, and they offer a fascinating glimpse into the region’s history and culture. Visitors can explore the ruins and learn about their significance with the help of a knowledgeable guide. The surrounding forest is also home to a wide variety of birds and other wildlife, making it a great place for nature lovers to explore.

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is another must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. This protected area is one of the largest indigenous coastal forests in East Africa, and it is home to a wide variety of rare and endangered species, including the golden-rumped elephant shrew, the Amani sunbird, and the Sokoke scops owl. Visitors can explore the forest on foot or by bike, and there are several guided tours available that provide an in-depth look at the reserve’s ecology and conservation efforts.

For those who love the ocean, the Watamu Marine National Park is a must-visit destination. This protected area is home to a vibrant coral reef ecosystem and a diverse array of marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, and colorful tropical fish. Visitors can explore the reef on a snorkeling or diving tour, or take a glass-bottomed boat tour to get a closer look at the underwater world without getting wet.

Finally, the Mida Creek Reserve is a unique wetland ecosystem that is home to a variety of bird species and other wildlife. Visitors can explore the mangrove-lined waterways by boat or on foot, and there are several guided tours available that provide an in-depth look at the area’s ecology and conservation efforts.

No matter which nature reserve or protected area you choose to explore in Watamu, be sure to take the time to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the local environment. These areas are a testament to the region’s rich cultural and ecological heritage, and they offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn more about the world around us. And of course, don’t forget to visit GK Palms for a comfortable stay and easy access to all these wonderful destinations!

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